My Bio:

My name? I’m CeeSoDaG.O.A.T.

(Grace. Over. All. Temptation.)

but you can call me CeeSo,

the man, the myth, the legend.

I’m here to speak for the unspoken.

Step on barriers and bridge the gap.

Music has always been apart my life since a toddler, singing Whitney Houston in front of my kindergarten graduation class, performing as lil John in elementary for the whole school and parents. Battle rapping w my guys after school, to freestyling for my older brothers at 14 it was just always been in my life. Now I make my own music. I perform my own songs, i sing my own love songs. From rapping in staircases to rapping on plenty stages. The road has been paved, I just have to find my way. I make music for me, it’s an escape from this world into to my own world. I want to share my world with the world while also visiting and creating new worlds with other artists and my fans. A lot of my inspiration comes from various people, places, things, moments. So I hate to sound the same. Not one day was exactly the same as the last. So I feel my songs should be the same way.  Unpredictable. Like my taste of music, It’s a mix of all things rap, hip hop, rock, r&b, a lil gospel. But it’s me. I can’t pivot on my stance. If its one thing bout a song, it’s literally a piece of me. But I’m from the Bronx ain’t no room to sit on yo ass. That’s how it is here. Get in where you fit in. Just be careful who you cross on the way there. I learned very young it’s eat or be eaten. Music is art, it’s therapy & most of all it’s yours. I hope my music grows to be a voice that stands for the unsung heroes. While walking you through everything I been through to get to wherever I’m headed. Im here to inspire, learn & build my legacy.  Stay Goated.