Have your cd reviewed by top level industry professionals and credible media personnel and the industry “tastemakers” who are essentially music critics with a fairly trusted reputation of grading and judging the quality and likely success of a particular single or complete album. Urban Media Global along with Mr. Dope Chef has developed many key relationships with industry contacts such as media, radio, internet and terrestrial sales and distribution outlets that we are able to leverage when communicating about your music. While we can’t guarantee that your CD review will be 100% favorable from our sources, we can assure you that our experts will critique your music fairly and provide useful and beneficial feedback.

How it works? A professional CD review will be delivered to you that can be used to service a variety of marketing applications (press kit, magazine, e-zine, newspaper review submission, online music entertainment review outlets). In addition to a marketing advisory report that will detail the preferred and optimal combination of services and promotions in order to maximize your marketing efforts for that particular CD. In most cases Mr. Dope Chef will be able to offer you the recommended services, however, in the event that we do not service a specific individual need you will be readily advised on the best avenue in which to pursue your promotional needs.


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